Monday, June 28, 2010

Skysnakes (working title)

I've always enjoyed the aerial acrobatics of the skysnakes. I love how their bodies twist and writhe improbably around their wings, how their scales catch the sunlight and splinter it into vibrant shards of color.

That day, though, something in their dance seemed off. Instead of their usual lithe grace, they snapped through the air like pennants in a gale. Their agitation made me uneasy. I sighed. I wanted to investigate, but my mistress was likely already plotting my not-quite-demise for daydreaming. Again. Shrugging to myself, I stood. May as well indulge in a crime worthy of the punishment.

The bluff where I perched was perfect for watching skysnakes, being somewhat above the canopy of trees, but it didn't have any direct path to the forest floor. I chose the spot that seemed least steep and stepped out onto the scree. Descending the gravelly slope was awkward in my skirts and at one point an exposed root caught one of my braids, leaving me twisting like a malformed skysnake until I freed it, but I reached the bottom mostly unscathed.

Staring into the shadowed depths of the forest, I began to regret my latest rash decision. If this something was enough to alarm an entire flock of skysnakes, did I really want to tangle with it? My indecision vanished with the distant sound of my name and I slipped into the forest.

So, I started this story on Saturday and I think I like it so far. What will our heroine find in the forest? Well, I'm not sure yet. You'll know as soon as I do, though. ;)

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