Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm Done!

My fanfiction is finally finished! (Yay!) It took the entire school year and I ended up with 13 chapters and an epilogue. Whew! I'll admit I'm immensely proud of myself for actually finishing the thing - there towards the end I wasn't sure I would. So a special shout-out to Damaged Ghost of an Angel, who's positive reviews kept me going! Thanks, Ghost!

All that being said, writing this fanfiction was certainly a... singular experience. I've never had a story that HAD to get out like that. I became downright obsessed with it. That, and I was completely aware that I'll never know those characters as well as their creator does and the best I could do was try to stay tru to the way they're portrayed in the original works and hope my fellow fans would enjoy it and not want to stone me to death in the streets. Based on the reviews I got, though, it seems I did alright.

Now that I've finished this huge thing, I've decided to go back and seriously start again on my fantasy novel. I found a program called WhizFolder that's been fantastic for organizing all the random notes I've written over the years. Feels good to be back on it, since it came to a standstill a little over 4 years ago. I'll also try to write more snippets of things like The Key, but I've decided I like being in the middle of a huge project, so the smaller stuff may not come as often. I'll definitely try to start posting more regularly now, though.

So, if you're a fan of the Wild Adapter manga, you can find my fic, Second Stray, at under the penname Kamayeth. :)

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