Sunday, August 15, 2010

Key, cont.

When I got home, I popped a frozen dinner in the microwave and sat down to contemplate my mysterious new key. I was hoping that it simply wanted a quiet place to tell its story, but it still refused to communicate.

The microwave beeped and I set the key on the table, only to snatch it back, startled, as the insistent buzzing began again. It didn't want to reveal its secrets, but it also didn't want me to let it go. I huffed at it in frustration and shoved it back in my pocket, only digging it out again when I was settled with my mostly warm dinner. I turned it over and over in my hand while I ate, searching for any mark or stamp I may have missed, but the key was as much an enigma at the end of my meal as it had been at the beginning.

After dumping the dinner tray in the trash and my fork in the sink, I rummaged around in the junk drawer for the roll of twine I'd only just remembered stashing there. I cut a length and threaded the key on, tying it around my neck. I kept the twine long enough that I could examine the key, even while wearing it. And that's when it finally began to communicate, albeit so subtely I would've missed it, had it not tickled so much.

At first I thought it was just the normal movement as your average pendant, but then I noticed that I could turn around while standing perfectly straight and still feel the key skitter across my skin. So I took my shirt off and bent slightly to let the key dangle away from my body, where it buzzed faintly in protest, then rotated slowly around it. I'm sure I was quite the sight: a full-grown, half-naked man bent awkwardly at the waist, body orbiting a dangling key as if engaged in some sort of geriatric waltz, but it told me what I wanted to know. They key pulled in only one direction.


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