Friday, July 2, 2010


The movie "The Sword in the Stone" contains my favorite Disney villain, possibly even my favorite villain of all time: Madam Mim. Now, I'm a sucker for green eyes (see Schmendrick the Magician, Harry Potter, Cho Hakkai, my husband...) and what I wouldn't give to have hair that silvery shade of purple, but my love of Mim goes deeper than simply her physical attributes. I've found that most villains brood more than your average goth teenager, have a decidedly monochromatic wardrobe and some of them even seem like they might have been decent people at some point. But not Mim. She appears to have made the choice to be evil long ago and she revels in it. Every act of wrongdoing elicits gleeful chuckling and, while her laughter can be as maniacal as any other's, it has an undercurrent of pure joy most villains lack. Her desire to indulge in the darker arts did not stem from outside circumstances, was not cultivated to further any personal ambition, was not a result of parental love she failed to win. No. She's evil because, dang it, it's FUN! If I was a villain, I would want to be like her: extravagant in her enjoyment of evil. She's my anti-hero. She is the magnificent, marvelous, mad Madam Mim.

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